Lesson Plans


How does the subject you teach translate to career knowledge?

We've put together lesson plans across all the different subjects so teachers can demonstrate how the curriculum they are teaching translates into practical employability knowledge. 

Suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5 - please note there is not a lesson plan for each of these stages, but they have been created so the lesson plans can be easily adjusted.

This is a digital product.

We have three different varieties of lesson plans we offer in our Gatsby pack

  1. Knowledge Lesson Plans - 90 lessons in which students will learn how curriculum knowledge is useful for their future.
  2. Skills Lesson Plans - 90 lessons in which students will learn what skills they learn studying different subjects and how this is useful in future employment.
  3. Video Lesson Plans - 29 lessons delivered by people in employment linking careers to the curriculum.

Our skills and knowledge lesson plans are on PowerPoint slides. The video lesson plans are accessed through Youtube.

Our lesson plans are designed to reduce teacher workload and give you ready-made material to use in the classroom.


Yesterday I tried out the careers lesson with my year 9 class. It worked really well! At the beginning of the lesson, many of them found it difficult to even identify what a ‘skill’ is. But by the end, they were all able to make a judgement on which of the skills they think will be the most important in their careers and give a brief explanation why. - Queen Anne's School

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