Gatsby Benchmark 4 School and College Pack


Please note our 2019/20 pack will be out in September and will be available on pre-order from May 2019.

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This brand new resource is designed to help you fulfil your Gatsby benchmarks and meet your Ofsted requirements. Contains booklets and posters organised by school subject. The booklets challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations by looking at a how skills developed in the subject prepare students for a variety of career pathways.

Designed to help fulfil of Gatsby benchmark 4 for KS3, 4 & 5 our School and College Pack developed with careers advisors and subject teachers the pack includes:

  1. Full training guide for careers leaders or members of SLT, which can be used to run sessions with teaching staff on embedding careers in the curriculum, helping your school to meet Gatsby Benchmark 4.
  2. 15 Subject booklets (A4 - 170gsm - Full colour) linking careers to the curriculum.

    Included for free in this pack:
  3. 15 Subject classroom posters (A2 - 170 gsm - Full colour) linking careers to the curriculum.
  4. 15 Lesson plans* with worksheets so you have exercises which make association with careers to careers simple.

*Please note due to how our shop handles digital downloads, lesson plans only become available when the account is marked as paid.

It's a cost effective and time effective way to ensure you are incorporating careers into the curriculum.

Gatsby Benchmark 2 - Learning from Career and Labour Market Information

The booklets provide students and teachers with access to good-quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. They also help teaching staff prepare for speaking with parents/guardians at parents' evenings or GCSE options evenings.

Gatsby Benchmark 3 - Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil

Because the booklets are organised by school subject, they cater for every student. The booklets challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations by looking at a how skills developed in the subject prepare students for a variety of career pathways. The university guide is based on student satisfaction and job prospects while the apprenticeship tables list programmes at all levels.

Gatsby Benchmark 4 - Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

The booklets help subject teachers provide a careers-related context within the classroom, using up-to-date labour market information about a range of careers to show students how subject skills and knowledge can be applied in the world of work.

Gatsby Benchmark 8 - Personal Guidance

The booklets serve as an excellent tool to help careers professionals deliver careers-related interventions. They also act as a useful reminder to teaching staff to direct students to their careers adviser when they don't feel confident discussing a particular topic e.g. analysing LMI in more detail.

Here's the feedback we've had on our booklets so far:

"Looks great and could be used a multitude of ways in school, e.g. at option evenings, careers week, careers interviews"

"A great way of keeping it straightforward for teaching staff to make their lessons more integrated with careers"

"Schools do not have the time/capacity to create such resources internally and this limits departmental involvement in CEIAG. These booklets would make an OUTSTANDING difference to careers provision and to the understanding of subject/sector progression"

"I have been searching for exactly that and would love to use them for different subjects. Excellent for parents evening, particularly when they are choosing options, useful for conversations around work experience but most of all, it would be a really effective way to involve subject teachers in CEIAG and link to the curriculum and fulfill Gatsby benchmark 4."

"I can't wait to introduce to the departments within the school to show them how easy it is to incorporate within a lesson."

Subjects include (click to view sample):

Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Economics, English, Geography, History, Languages, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology

Please note the above are for sample purposes only and the information in them may not be accurate.

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