Create your own Careers VLE | Personalised Careers Platform


This product allows your school/college to build a personalised careers VLE within minutes. Here's what you can do with the platform:

  1. Create an independent careers platform - a central place for all your students to access careers information, with content which constitutes independent advice and guidance. It will be clear to parents and to Ofsted that you are committed to giving them truly independent, impartial IAG.
  2. Personalise - you get to configure the site from how it looks to the content on it (with advice, polls, news, forums, competitions and more). You'll receive tutorials on how to do this and have access to our online technical support.

  3. Monitor individual student activity - give your students individual profiles where you’ll be able to monitor all your students’ activity. You'll be able to see when each one has logged in, where their career interests are, which employers or universities they like and what they've got in their skills passport

  4. Classroom resources - we will provide you with access to our growing pool of resources like lesson plans and homework sheets as they become available. They're all designed in line with CDI guidelines, making it easy to deliver high quality, best practice careers lessons.

  5. Reporting - download reports with information showing you how students are progressing with their skills passport and which careers they’re interested in.

    Ofsted want to see that you are preparing your pupils for the next stage of their education or employment. With our simple reporting, you have evidence that your students are building the soft skills they need for the next stage of their employment, education or training.

  6. Access to qualified independent advisors - Our partners at Adviza moderate our forums. Students can ask careers related questions anonymously, out of hours and during the holiday for which they will receive a response.

  7. Development - as a Success at School partner, we'll also build your feedback into the ongoing development of our service. You’ll be able to email us with development ideas and work with us to create new workshops and resources for all our users.

    The platform is already mobile and tablet ready!

Your subscription is for your whole school and runs for one year from the date of sign-up. Click here to see how Valley Park School uses us.

Want to see how easy to use it is, watch these 2 instructional videos:

1. Add content

2. Manage students

Contact for more information or for a demo.


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