Gatsby Benchmark 4 Resource Pack 2022/23


This bundle with brand new subject guides for 2022/23 is the most cost effective way to get all of our latest resources that are designed to help your subject departments save time to deliver Gatsby Benchmark 4 and meet your Ofsted requirements.

    What's included?

    • 19 Gatsby Subject Guides (print & digital available)
    • Action plans
    • Posters and Lesson Plans*

    *Lesson plans and posters are the same as previous years, so if you have purchased these items already, you may not need to purchase again.

    What’s new in our 2022/23 edition?

    • New content including: Top 5 jobs to inspire subject students, how subjects relate to current world affairs, and an expanded apprenticeship section.
    • Over 60 case studies from top organisations providing insights into transferable skills your students will learn in the classroom, and how they can apply them to their future workplace.
    • A brand new design for all 19 subjects.

      Digital subscriptions are for 1 year only.

      Who is this pack for?

      Heads of department and subject teacherswho want a ready-made resource to enable them to deliver careers and employability in the curriculum. 

      They help staff challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations by looking at how skills and knowledge developed in the subject prepare students for a variety of career pathways.

      The lesson plans are created by subject teachers to be delivered directly in the classroom, saving staff resources. This saves valuable money and time for schools and colleges.

      Careers leaders and careers advisors who are looking to embed the Gatsby Benchmarks pitching into their institution.

      What schools have being saying about our last editions: 

      “My colleagues at school absolutely love the guides, it gives them a better understanding of the opportunities they can promote to students and as the guides are so comprehensive it caters for all teacher needs (whether they have an understanding of careers within their subject specialism or not - there is something for everyone).” - Queen Elizabeth’s School

      “I have found them really useful as they help to focus teaching staff minds as they write their lesson plans. Also helps to make students and parents think outside the box at other potential opportunities.” - Catmose College

      Subjects include:

      Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, PE, Physics, Psychology, RS, Sociology.

      Here is a sample from the previous edition:

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